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Internet Take down

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...  Tomorrow, Monday, there is news that a Malware from hackers will take down peoples computers from the Internet. This will only happen if you have the malware on a Windows PC if you have a Mac or Linux PC no need to worry. If, and that’s a big IF, you do have this malware, there’s way’s to try and clean it up, make sure you have a updated copy of Anti-virus (if your running Windows this is a must), but the best way is to just reinstall Windows with the CD that came with your computer; but remember back up back up back up, back up all your files that you want to keep, pictures, videos, etc. because they will be gone. Need any help give me a call.

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Windows 8 Start Button

If your running Windows 8 and your missing the Start button there is a new App you can download from stardock.com/products/start8 once installed you can even choose different a picture example, the old xp start button, vista, win7 style start buttons. I have chosen the Win8 logo for my start button. If you just left click on it the win8 metro U/I comes up but if you right click you get other options, like shut down, sleep and so forth. UPDATE: here is a better one to download: win7 start button for win8

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CES 2012: Sony Crystal LED Display







Sony has a new Display for TV if your in the market, how it will compare to OLED we shall see, for quality matters but Marketing is more as we saw with Bluray vs HD DVD’s.



The Daily App

The Daily App for iPad is now released. The layout is easy to use and read. There is also video highlights, if you don’t have time to read the articles there’s audio version, so it is similar to news talk radio. For now there’s a free trial, after that there’s a subscription, not sure on the cost yet. The App it self is free though. Check out The Daily App here.

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Are you ready?

New FB Privacy settings

Facebook logo
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The new Facebook Privacy setting called “Instant Personalization” goes into effect. The new setting shares your data with non-FB sites & it is automatically set to “Enabled”. Go to Account>Privacy Settings>Apps & Websites>Instant Personalization>edit settings & uncheck “Enable”. Btw, if your friends don’t do this, they will be sharing info about you as well.

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CES: Daily Burn App

Consumer Electronics Show
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The Daily Burn is a app that is perfect for this time of year, it was featured at CES in Las Vegas this year for it’s partnership with Zeo. A lot of people want to start getting in shape and the first of the year is usually a good time to start for it’s a fresh start. Well, here’s a app that will help you track what you eat and what you exercise, as well as, how long you sleep. You can set goals and see your progress over the months, as well as, participate in challenges, which always helps and make working-out interesting. Whether your overweight or just out of shape and need to tone up, this app is a must. Download here and get moving!! 

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ShopSavvy App

Here is a handy app for this black friday, as well as, throughout the holiday shopping season, ShopSavvy. If your in a store you can scan the bar code on a product and see if it’s the lowest price or if there’s a store nearby that is cheaper including online stores. What I have done is scan a product then take it to the counter and show it to the cashier and most of the time they will match it, they may have to get a supervisor, but that’s understandable. Either way, you can save a lot of money with this app. You can download it here. Oh, and it’s a free App. :) Happy Shopping

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Skyfire Web browser App

The Skyfire Web browser app for the iphone is THE browser for the iphone. It has tabs and bookmarks like Safari but what makes it stand out is it plays flash. For whatever reason why Apple and Adobe aren’t getting along and won’t allow flash on the iphone this app allows you to view those websites that have flash embedded in them without getting the ‘flash player needed’ message. There’s an option in the settings where you can load page as iPhone or Desktop, as well as, a private browsing option. There’s also easier access to clear cookies, cache, etc. If you get a link from somewhere else say an email you can just copy the link then open up Skyfire and it will ask if you want to visit the link that is on the clipboard. This app does cost a little, it is $2.99 in the App store, however, if you frequent flash sites it is worth it.   ****UPDATE**** If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can change the default browser so sites launch in Skyfire. The folks at Ithinkdiff have the step by step: http://www.ithinkdiff.com/change-default-iphone-browser-stepbystep-guide/

weather HD app

There are many weather apps out there for iphone and android phones, but one that stands out is WeatherHD. This app has HD animated graphics and all. At only .99 in the app store, it is well worth it. You can have multiple cities and swipe left/right to get to them. There’s an option for extended forecast too, and hide it to see the full view of the stunning graphics. Overall, this app is much better than the one that comes with the iphone. Check it out in the Apple App store.

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