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iThemes TV

Here’s a video from the folks over at iThemes, who are the makers of the theme Builder, which this blog is on, check it out:

iThemes TV – April 20 from WebDesign.com on Vimeo.

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Tech News Round up

I’m trying something new here, The top Tech News of the week from various sites. If I’m missing something leave it in the comments, thanks.

-The RIAA and MPAA Have Failed To Understand A Cultural Shift

-iPad printing: solved

-George Washington and Princeton University Ban the iPad

-Approved! Opera Has Made It Into The App Store

-Top 10 Ways to Access Blocked Stuff on The Web

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Theme: Builder

The WordPress theme I am using for this and other blogs I have is called Builder by iThemes. Once installed, you can customize it completely the way you want with out having to know code, however if you do know code you can still write it, it’s open. But the main thing is it allows you to get your blog up and running the way you want so you can start writing content, which is what a blog is for. They also have a very good support site so if your stuck just post it to their message board and they’ll get back to you really quick, it’s also a community so you might not hear something from iThemes but someone on the other side of the world may respond back quicker. It’s worth it. If your interested head over to ithemes.com or contact me and I can set it up for you. By the way this is not sponsored, this is a review that I have done. If your using it let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.

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Beads de Amor

Here’s a site I’m working on for a friend, it’s a simple blog site for her to show case her product. http://beadsdeamor.com/

Hello World

Welcome, I am starting this site, and business Penton Technologies, LLC, as a side business to follow my passion and create web sites and social media things while still holding on to my primary job as Tech Support for the Police Dept. This will be just on the side to cover me on the legal side as well as for tax advantages. This will also be for my family (if they wish) to do something and have a web presence. So stay tuned for great things to come on this exciting adventure.
-Scott Penton

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URL shortener project

One of my first projects is actually a joint venture with someone else on a URL Shortener project, Please fill out this quick survey on URL shortener’s (like tinyurl, bit.ly, etc) I’ll announce later what it is.
Click here to take survey
Thank you

Coming soon

Penton Technologies will be launching soon with a variety of services, so stay tuned.

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