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iPad review

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I have had the iPad for over a month now and still think it’s an amazing device. I recently took it on a trip back home to Buffalo and I did not bring a laptop. It was a success for mostly using email and the web, there is no facebook app but it worked well in the browser. Watching movies and online video like hulu is nice. There was a slight issue with the wifi for it would not always stay connected after coming out of sleep mode, I would have to go into the wifi settings and rejoin the network. I do not have a stand for it so sometimes trying to type and hold it against my leg while sitting can be a pain if your typing a lot. Other wise, iBooks and the amazon kindle app worked well, especially while reading on the plane. There are also more and more magazine apps coming out, the wired magazine app is well worth it. Overall, if your thinking of getting one, get it. Preferably the wifi version, there’s wifi everywhere and free, in airports, hotels, starbucks and borders. So you don’t really need the 3G version and it’ll save you an extra $30 a month.

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  2. Me and my wife bought one a few weeks ago (64 Gb wifi version).We weren’t going to buy one until they came out with a built-in videocamera. I bought my first Iphone (the 4) about 2 weeks prior to that and had my instant video capabilities taken care of :) A few additional things changed my mind (1) We don’t care for our older, clunky laptops (2) We wanted fast bootup times (3) I was impressed after using one for about an hour at the local Best Buy Store and (4) We were going on a 1 week trip to Canada so having some technology with us that was compact seemed very appealing.

    I agree with you re: the 3G versions. I don’t think they are worth it given the $130 extra price & ANOTHER data plan/cost each month. I could easily see people surpassing bandwidth caps on the device, causing enormous bills.

    After downloading nearly 90 apps to the Iphone I was amazed that many of the Iphone apps (like Facebook) work just fine on the IPAD. Don’t get me wrong, IPAD specific apps are better but I now have 2 versions of apps on the device (Iphone at top/Ipad at bottom) on respective pages I have set-up by category.

    Don’t be afraid to try new techniques with this device. It will surprise you of what it is capable of. Heck, Paul Colligan at http://PaulsIpad.com is using the device for all kinds of new things like recording podcasts live at conferences.

    Anyway, I hope you like the device. I know the Flipbook app is worth the hype since it makes it VERY easy to consume content via social media channels but I don’t like the way it changes the way I share information with people (less commentary from me).

    Have a good one

    Dan Ross

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