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The Daily App

The Daily App for iPad is now released. The layout is easy to use and read. There is also video highlights, if you don’t have time to read the articles there’s audio version, so it is similar to news talk radio. For now there’s a free trial, after that there’s a subscription, not sure on the cost yet. The App it self is free though. Check out The Daily App here.

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Skyfire Web browser App

The Skyfire Web browser app for the iphone is THE browser for the iphone. It has tabs and bookmarks like Safari but what makes it stand out is it plays flash. For whatever reason why Apple and Adobe aren’t getting along and won’t allow flash on the iphone this app allows you to view those websites that have flash embedded in them without getting the ‘flash player needed’ message. There’s an option in the settings where you can load page as iPhone or Desktop, as well as, a private browsing option. There’s also easier access to clear cookies, cache, etc. If you get a link from somewhere else say an email you can just copy the link then open up Skyfire and it will ask if you want to visit the link that is on the clipboard. This app does cost a little, it is $2.99 in the App store, however, if you frequent flash sites it is worth it.   ****UPDATE**** If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can change the default browser so sites launch in Skyfire. The folks at Ithinkdiff have the step by step: http://www.ithinkdiff.com/change-default-iphone-browser-stepbystep-guide/

weather HD app

There are many weather apps out there for iphone and android phones, but one that stands out is WeatherHD. This app has HD animated graphics and all. At only .99 in the app store, it is well worth it. You can have multiple cities and swipe left/right to get to them. There’s an option for extended forecast too, and hide it to see the full view of the stunning graphics. Overall, this app is much better than the one that comes with the iphone. Check it out in the Apple App store.

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