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CES: Daily Burn App

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The Daily Burn is a app that is perfect for this time of year, it was featured at CES in Las Vegas this year for it’s partnership with Zeo. A lot of people want to start getting in shape and the first of the year is usually a good time to start for it’s a fresh start. Well, here’s a app that will help you track what you eat and what you exercise, as well as, how long you sleep. You can set goals and see your progress over the months, as well as, participate in challenges, which always helps and make working-out interesting. Whether your overweight or just out of shape and need to tone up, this app is a must. Download here and get moving!! 

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ShopSavvy App

Here is a handy app for this black friday, as well as, throughout the holiday shopping season, ShopSavvy. If your in a store you can scan the bar code on a product and see if it’s the lowest price or if there’s a store nearby that is cheaper including online stores. What I have done is scan a product then take it to the counter and show it to the cashier and most of the time they will match it, they may have to get a supervisor, but that’s understandable. Either way, you can save a lot of money with this app. You can download it here. Oh, and it’s a free App. :) Happy Shopping

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Skyfire Web browser App

The Skyfire Web browser app for the iphone is THE browser for the iphone. It has tabs and bookmarks like Safari but what makes it stand out is it plays flash. For whatever reason why Apple and Adobe aren’t getting along and won’t allow flash on the iphone this app allows you to view those websites that have flash embedded in them without getting the ‘flash player needed’ message. There’s an option in the settings where you can load page as iPhone or Desktop, as well as, a private browsing option. There’s also easier access to clear cookies, cache, etc. If you get a link from somewhere else say an email you can just copy the link then open up Skyfire and it will ask if you want to visit the link that is on the clipboard. This app does cost a little, it is $2.99 in the App store, however, if you frequent flash sites it is worth it.   ****UPDATE**** If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can change the default browser so sites launch in Skyfire. The folks at Ithinkdiff have the step by step: http://www.ithinkdiff.com/change-default-iphone-browser-stepbystep-guide/

Traveling the world with your Iphone

Here are some tips if your traveling outside the country with your iphone so you don’t get a expensive bill:
-Turn Data Roaming Off; this blocks email, browsing, visual voicemails, and downloads.
-Utilize Wifi instead of 3G/Edge; The Skype App comes in handy here.
-Turn Fetch new data Off; This will control data coming in, you’ll have to check email and sync contacts manually.
-Purchase a International data package; If your traveling a lot.
-Reset the Usage tracker to Zero; So you can keep track of your Data and voice minutes.

Tech News round up

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The latest in Tech news from this past week, there’s a lot of ipad news, but others as well:

1. Facebook Privacy: Secrets Unveiled

2. Apple’s iPhone replaces BlackBerry for some bankers

3. If students embrace textbooks on the iPad, college bookstores may lose their shirts.

4. 14 Best Freeware Apps Every Mac Owner Should Know

5. 15+ Awesome Twitter Tools for Tweet Tracking

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Tech News Round up

Welcome to this weeks tech news round up. Lot’s of news this week about the missing new iphone, it seems to be everywhere in the blogosphere as well as mainstream media. Here’s the run down:
- missing new iphone from Gizmodo
- possible new facebook redesign
- 19 tips for Windows 7 users
- McAfee update shuts down Windows XP machines
- airplane made in 2 minutes
- nook update, now has in-store reading

Well, that’s it for this week, let me know what you think of these, would like to see, improvements, etc., in the comments below. Thanks and have a good week.

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