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I have recently changed the favicon on my site. The favicon is the little logo in the address bar to the left of the http part. If your using builder or any other wordpress theme you probably have a default logo, or if you have a regular website you may not have one at all. To create a favicon click here, this site will create the .ico file, all you have to do is upload a .jpg and it will give you the .ico and .gif files then you put those on your Web Server. Then for wordpress, there’s a very cool plug-in from this site, once you download the .zip file upload it to the plug-in section of your wordpress admin page, activate it then type the location, url, of where the .gif is located on your server. click apply and that’s it, your done. I love WordPress, and the fact that it’s open source with so many plug-in’s and themes. I hope this helps. Sharing is good.

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Theme: Builder

The WordPress theme I am using for this and other blogs I have is called Builder by iThemes. Once installed, you can customize it completely the way you want with out having to know code, however if you do know code you can still write it, it’s open. But the main thing is it allows you to get your blog up and running the way you want so you can start writing content, which is what a blog is for. They also have a very good support site so if your stuck just post it to their message board and they’ll get back to you really quick, it’s also a community so you might not hear something from iThemes but someone on the other side of the world may respond back quicker. It’s worth it. If your interested head over to ithemes.com or contact me and I can set it up for you. By the way this is not sponsored, this is a review that I have done. If your using it let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.

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